All your questions answered right here

We do get asked many questions, so we hope most of them are covered here.

Do I have to subscribe to manage my Spotted Page?
What we do is to promote your page through a central "searched" source. We also provide a simple URL website address, so you can point your page to us. If you also want to manage your page on OUR website and add text, register for free, claim your page, and we will be in touch with you to go through security and connect you.

If you want to upload banners and sell adverts to businesses, then yes, you do need to subscribe, but you get one month free.

Can I subscribe by PayPal?
Oh yes - you can! It's really easy and really inexpensive. After you have registered and have claimed your page, just subscribe via PayPal and away you go.

Are you part of Facebook?
We are not connected with Facebook, nor do we pay Facebook any money. This website is purely created as a central point for as many UK Facebook Spotted 'town' Pages as possible, and where you can, for free, link your own Facebook Spotted page to the relevant page here.

Facebook Spotted Spalding - is linked to
They added that for free, but they also subscribe to manage their page on this website, and to run promotions and edit their own content.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes of course. If you wish to stop your subscription with your Spotted Page on here, you may cancel it by contacting us on the Contact Us page and we will respond to you to confirm a few details, and cancel your subscription. There is no "waiting period", but we do as a few days grace to receive your email and process it. After which time, your advertise will be deleted and any custom text added will also be deleted.

Can I remove my Facebook Spotted Page from this website?
We prefer not to do that. It is here to promote your page, and help your community. We do not take any money for having the page here in the first instance. Only for you to advertise on here, and push your own page. If you do have a very clear and specific reason for wanting to remove it, we will listen.

Can you help me get banners for my Page?
Generally we don't offer than service as it take time to process, and for the fee we charge, it's very small. However, we can offer a custom service to do this, at a small rate of only £25 per banner. If you are charging money to your business to promote, it won't likely take you too long to recoup that. We will soon be using a new service for custom payments, so if this is of use, please do get in touch with our very helpful and friendly team.