Become a Premium Facebook Spotted owner and Subscribe
Become a Premium Facebook Spotted Owner

This is a very special place.

If your Facebook Spotted page is here, you can subscribe and manage your content here, even upload banners for which local businesses can pay you to advertise them here.

Here are your highlights:

Banner Ads on your page

Earn money from local businesses

Edit the text on your page on here

Get first month completely FREE
We understand the privacy and security of each Facebook Spotted page owner wants their identify kept anonymous - therefore we do not share or publicize any person's name associated with their pages, anywhere or for anyone.

If this all appears to you, first you need to register for free. Here's how it works:
  1. Go to your Page
  2. Click the green Claim button
  3. Fill out the form, letting us know what you are claiming
  4. Add link to the page here, on your Spotted page
  5. You have now verified ownership
  6. We assign ownership to you
  7. When logged in Edit Page in top menu
Easy huh? Next job is subscribing to upload banner advertising:
  1. Once logged in, click Edit Page
  2. At foot of Page, click Subscribe
  3. Go through simple PayPal process
  4. On completion, you will instantly have access
  5. Any problems, let us know