Terms and Conditions

These are our simple terms and conditions. There isn't a lot to it.

Are you part of Facebook?
We are not connected with Facebook, nor do we pay Facebook any money. This website is purely created as a central point for as many UK Facebook Spotted 'town' Pages as possible, and where you can, for free, link your own Facebook Spotted page to the relevant page here.

Facebook Spotted Spalding - is linked to http://www.facebookspotted.co.uk/page/east-midlands/lincolnshire/1/spotted-spalding
They added that for free, but they also subscribe to manage their page on this website, and to run promotions and edit their own content.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes of course. If you wish to stop your subscription with your Spotted Page on here, you may cancel it by contacting us on the Contact Us page, or simply going to your PayPal account and cancel. We will get information through of your cancellation and will reset you to be a User, instead of a Super User.

Can I remove my Facebook Spotted Page from this website?
We prefer not to do that. It is here to promote your page, and help your community. We hope that people will look on this website, search for their town, and find you. We do not take any money for having the page here in the first instance. Only for you to advertise on here, and push your own page. If you do have a very clear and specific reason for wanting to remove it, we will listen.

Can you help me get banners for my Page?
Yes of course, we have a terrific service to create banners. We charge only £25 per banner, which includes the time to crop and adjust any images, and get them suited for your page. When you are happy, the banner is yours, and our partners who will create the banner for you will send you a little invoice for payment.

How do I contact the Facebook Spotted team?
Really easily. Just go to the Contact page, send us your details and enquiry, and will aim to respond within 24 hours. This is for those who just have a question about the website, how they can have a Page added, troubles with the website - anything really.